Frequently Asked Questions

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Will the Govan Mbeki Rates Payers Association (GMRPA) advocate that members withhold rates and taxes?

The GMRPA is will work with multiple stakeholders (residents, municipality, advisors and local business) to determine how best to ensure that our infrastructure is maintained and services are delivered. All actions will be done within the framework of the constitution and the laws of our country.

Will my electricity not be cut by Municipality if I withhold my rates and taxes?

The GMRPA will not advocate any action for which there is not legal support, and that is not within the laws of the country.

For what will the money collected be used?

The money’s collected will be used to advance the interests of rates payers within GMM. This will involve administration, legal advice and organizing a mechanism for the private sector to collaborate with the municipality for the delivery of service. Residents should not double pay for services.

Will the financials be audited and open for viewing? Not just the audited statements but day to day spending as we don’t want to pay just another party making money on the side?

Yes. The GMRPA is not a for profit association. It will be run 100% transparently.

Will people that not join, also benefit?  Is that fair?

In any community there are freeloaders. This is unfortunate. People may wish to ride the system for selfish gain. They will not receive any of the advice or litigative support that will be on offer to members.

Is there a platform we can report problems you have to address?  Will we be replied and kept in the loop with lead times?

Not yet. This can be one of the first actions that the GMRPA members demand/request that the office bearers must address.

Is this association legal?


Do you have a action plan?

Over the last number of months a number of different municipalities around the country have mobilized to form civil societies’ similar to our GMRPA. We are in contact with the chairpersons of several other towns and organizations. We have pooled ideas and have learnt what has worked in other municipalities. Ultimately we want to ensure that our existing infrastructure is returned to its original functioning state, and that the services we pay for and should receive, are indeed delivered.

How can I help or be involved to make this association a success?

  1. We will use the forum on to communicate plans, progress and needs.

Will you make use of local business to render services and will there be a fair and open tender procedure?

There are many businesses with the expertise to advise and deliver services within our municipality. Many businesses and private parties have stepped forward and assumed the duties that are legally the responsibility of the municipality – and they are receiving no compensation. This is clearly not sustainable. At the same time, the GMRPA is not being established to funnel money into the pockets of a few businesses or individuals. Any funds will be allocated fairly, and the officer bearers appointed by the members will need to give account for how those funds are used.

Will the buck not be passed between GMRPA and Municipality for who is responsible for what?

The public infrastructure within GMM belongs to the municipality. They are responsible for maintaining and expanding that infrastructure, and for ensuring that services are delivered within GMM. If at any point in the future there is a collaboration where the private sector steps in to manage a part of the infrastructure on behalf of the municipality (as is being done in other parts of the country), that will be done within a legal framework. There will be no room for confusion.